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As a family owned and operated company, we are passionate about providing an exquisite and personal service to our clients.  

A lot of people we tour with or fly to remote destinations become our friends and that's just how we want you to feel whilst on a trip with us.  We love to hear your stories and to share our own, we love to watch the smile on your face as you discover parts of Australia you have only ever dreamed about and we love watching the laughs with new friends and old as you sit by the camp fire recounting the days discoveries.  It makes it all worth while!

More often than not you will find one of us flying the aircraft and leading your tour because we love to do it, not because we have to.  After all, it is a pretty good view from the office!  

Our whole team consists of some exceptional individuals who have been hand picked and trained to our exacting levels to ensure the highest quality experience is able to be provided.  Our team are our friends which is why we have such great feedback from clients about their time spent with us.  Nothing is too much trouble, you are our guests. 

Pilots are trained to a very high standard, often spending months with highly qualified mentors to ensure every scenario is discovered, the highest of standards is achieved and we can sleep tight at night knowing that we have the best team possible for the job.  We are committed to the ongoing safety of our operation and place a very high value on continuous training and improvement.  

All aircraft operated for Airtours experiences are operated by Platinum Aircraft Charter Pty Ltd AOC# 601513

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