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About Us

It’s our privilege to provide you with the very best of small group luxury holiday experiences in Australia’s vast wilderness, and since 2008, we’ve done it better than anyone.  You’ll appreciate our difference – we’re staunchly dedicated to you and your enjoyment, and we have an intimate knowledge of the outback that we can’t wait to share with you. Our professionalism, in true Aussie style, is always warm and inviting.  We keep our guest numbers small, only 8 at a time, so we can deliver personalised all-inclusive premium service and relaxed adventure. Let us help you make unforgettable memories beyond your wildest dreams. 


We offer an experience of a lifetime, though some guests are repeat travellers with us and it’s easy to see why. Since we take care of everything it’s completely hassle-free for you, meaning you can indulge in the glory of the journey and the extraordinary surroundings. Our itineraries are thoughtful and unique, and we use our insider’s secrets to share the lesser-known must-see’s away from the throngs of tourists. We share our intimate knowledge of the outback with you and satisfy all of your senses with opportunities that include celebrations of food, culture and adventure. We take our clients to the most inaccessible areas of this strikingly beautiful remote red paradise, where others simply can’t go. Our access to these remote areas is unrivalled. One day may find you discovering hidden pastel billabongs that nurture native wildlife, while the next may deliver you to sacred Aboriginal sites older than millennia. 


Moving between destinations is done in first-class comfort, aboard our luxurious twin-engine aircraft. You’ll marvel over the bird’s eye view of cinnamon coloured earth sprawling beneath you and relish in the journey which is every bit as exciting as arriving. Providing the ultimate in nimble travel, fly with every creature comfort in your spacious leather window seat. Perhaps you’ll take this opportunity to marvel at the colossal carmine sand stretching in every direction with a beverage in hand, maybe you’ll chat with your small group of travel companions, or possibly the smooth lull of the cruising speed carrying you effortlessly above Australia’s most celebrated region will deliver you into a short bit of shut-eye. It’s all up to you to decide. 

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