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Our Aircraft

Our tours show you the best of what the outback has to offer because we can cover more ground and not waste time moving from place to place. Our modern dependable planes allow us to cover vast distances with ease, so you can create memories doing what you love. With leather seats each offering a window view, climate control and plenty of room for stretching out, you’ll love our luxury B200 Super King Air, the most popular style of twin-engine turboprop aircraft ever built. We’re certified for flight in all weather, and we comfortably fly above weather events and turbulence. The quality and experience of our crew, and our aircraft, is second to none. Through the relationships we’ve built with vendors and area experts over the years, we know where to find the most breathtaking scenery and provide you with unique authentic experiences. Join us on a luxury holiday experience, a truly all-inclusive and hassle-free holiday. We’d love to show you our genuine hospitality and share our outback Australia with you.

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