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Our Story

Airtours was born from the passion we carry in our souls for the beautiful, amazing, ever changing and fascinating Australian Outback.  We are both commercial pilots with over 20 years combined experience flying through our remote sunburnt lands.


Flights to remote outback communities, forming friendships with those who live on the land, watching the excitement a 'fresh' newspaper gives and the smiling faces of ever reliable locals is something not many people are privileged enough to experience. We wanted to find a way to let you into our lives, to see through our eyes the characters who make the remote wilderness of Australia the truly unique place it really is.

We thrive on providing the absolute best experiences possible; that may not mean absolute secluded 10 star luxury where the world is sometimes closed out, but it does mean real people, real culture and the real feeling of connecting with our country.  

Feel the grandeur, smell the gums, hear the wildlife, watch the skies and talk to the people .... we want to connect you with the land of Australia and what better way to do that than in the company of a small, boutique and family run experience where every detail has been thought about to ensure you remember your trip for longer than a lifetime. 

We use the highest quality turboprop aircraft for your experiences which are air conditioned and heated for your comfort, pressurised to ensure a smooth ride at altitude but with the ability to fly low and operate on remote, dirt airstrips in complete safety.  All interiors are leather and each seat has its own window!


Our experiences are hand crafted, thought about in great detail to enable us to achieve an exceptional level of quality whilst focusing on the core elements of your experiences. 

Together, as a family owned and operated South Australian team of exceptional individuals, we will make your time with us truly unforgettable!


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