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Private Aircraft Charter quotes are available through Airtours.

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Airtours works in close partnership with air operator Platinum Aircraft Charter to provide exceptional, high end and safe air transport for our touring options. Private aircraft charter quotes are able to be supplied on request and we would be delighted to help with your requirements whether corporate charter, fly in fly out crew changes, tourism transfers, urgent freight or VIP requirements. 

Aircraft for Tours or Charter

As a family owned company consisting of aviation professionals, we fly the best aircraft available for the experiences on offer. There are many aircraft types that would be able to do the job, however, a limited number of those are able to complete the requirements we have to be able to be used for Airtours experiences. 

We require extremely flexible aircraft - our tours combine both major city and remote outback airstrips, extreme distances over harsh country, all weather circumstances and the need to meet our standards for passenger safety and comfort.  


The Pilatus PC12 and Beechcraft B200 Super King Air are our aircraft of choice.  They are both used extensively throughout remote Australia by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and we know exactly why!  Major city operations are a breeze, they feel as much at home here as they do in the outback.  Remote airstrips, rugged, stony and made from dirt are easy work for these types allowing us to explore destinations only accessible by air.  Extreme distances feature in our tours which may take days to traverse in a vehicle, you will be arriving at your next destination within hours and usually not many of them! All of our aircraft are equipped with the necessary equipment and maintained to standards that allow flight in all weather, day and night enabling tours to depart and arrive as planned.  

Passenger comfort is a big consideration to us, it is absolutely about the destinations we let you explore but the journey to us is equally as important.  Our aircraft are fitted with leather interiors, comfortable seats and everyone has access to a window seat. Aircraft are both heated and air conditioned to allow comfortable temperatures on board with pressurisation allowing a quick climb or descent through sometimes turbulent summer air or to climb above weather systems if required.  Flying at speeds in excess of 500km/hr enables a quick transit between destinations to ensure you have plenty of time to explore on the ground.


These machines, our aircraft, are our pride and joy.  They are treated like part of the family and are maintained to the absolute highest standards.  We are proud that our aircraft are, in our opinion, the most exceptional, flexible, well presented and maintained fleet of touring and charter aircraft available.

Once you have flown with us, you will understand why these aircraft are loved by pilots and passengers alike. 

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Aircraft Information

Pilatus PC12 

Rugged enough to be used by The Royal Flying Doctors, this aircraft offers fast, pressurised and comfortable transport over a range of 1000 nautical miles carrying a payload of 1200 kgs. Cruising at 260 knots true airspeed above the summer thermals, what better way to transport you, your family and friends!


With up to 10 passengers and plenty of room for baggage, this aircraft is made for touring!


Single engine, yes, but what an engine! The venerable Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbine engine provides 1200 shaft horsepower in this installation. It does it reliably, day after day after day, for some 5,000 hours flying, before needing overhaul. More reliable than piston engines by huge margins, there are thousands of these engines in service around the world.


Beechcraft B200 Super King Air

The Beechcraft Super King Air is without the most popular turbo prop aircraft ever built.The B200 Super King Air is powered by two 850hp Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engines. The aircraft has been in continuous production since 1964, the longest production run of any civilian turboprop aircraft.


10 passengers, 1 or 2 crew, maximum altitude of 35,000 ft, cruises at 270 knots (500 km/hr). Maximum payload including fuel is 2150 kilograms. Airconditioned, heated and pressurised for passenger comfort.



Each of our aircraft are configured for a maximum of ten passengers plus one pilot enabling us to ensure we have personalised, small group touring where everyone enjoys the whole experience.


Aircraft do not have toilet facilities on board, however, there will rarely be flights over 90 minutes in duration.


Safety and Maintenance

The safety and maintenance of our fleet or aircraft is of utmost importance to us. These aircraft have extremely vigorous maintenance requirements and we are lucky enough to work with some fabulous engineers who keep them in the best possible condition.


  • Private Charter Flights on board our luxury turboprop aircraft 


  • Use of Lounge Facilities


  • Complimentary light catering on board all flights


  • Competent and highly trained flight crew

  • Well presented and maintained aircraft

  • Efficiency, flexibility and reliability of private aircraft charter

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